Boring Stuff

The Caravan 79 Peak Field is a family owned affair

Simon Julie Jodi & Mark Bradley

  You will be paying quite a bit less than the cost of a site van, therefore it could equate to quite a significant saving.

You will be in a field where all the vans are privately owned, this provides probably a better element of respect. All night parties are not the norm and not expected!

All we ask is:

You treat the van with the respect you would if it were your own.

Leave it, as you would expect to find it.

We do NOT have cleaners come in and clean after you.

Report any problems

You have to be out of the site vans by 10am,

However we say 12 Midday as you will need a bit more time to clean the van.



You will need to take the rubbish down to the recycling centre at the back of the shop.

It is recycling so feel free to segregate your rubbish, however due to the limited space in the van there is just the one bin in the van. Please ensure you remove all the rubbish before you leave. Please use bin liners, in the bottom of the cupboard to the right of the cooker.



We lashed out in 2015 and the caravan has a new 42″ flat screen telly & DVD Player. There is a selection of DVD’s in the cupboard for rainey days! There is also a 19” telly in the main bedroom.

Internet Wi-Fi

We have put a huge investment into wifi at the van, you should be able to log on to our router with the password we will give you, At times it works very well at times not at all, this is unfortunatly due to our suppliers and we can only be as good as our suppliers.


Washing and Drying, Ironing Etc.

There are no facilities for washing and drying in the van but is all available on site just past the site office on the left, there is however and Iron and board available in the van.


The Grass

 e do not go down every week to cut the grass; we would really appreciate it if you could spend at the most 1 hour cutting the grass for us, your help on this is very much appreciated. The mower is in the shed. It doesn’t bite! It is a very relaxing satisfying experience mowing the lawn.


Loo Roll’s

Could you please leave a bit of loo roll for the incoming occupants, there is nothing worse than arriving after a long trip and finding no loo roll! We don’t normally include it in the price but just in case you are cut short there is an emergency supply under the seat in the living room. We won’t moan if you use it as long as it all doesn’t go!


The Storage boxes.

You will find a key to the left hand box with the key in the bolier cupboard, feel free to use any of the stuff in there, wet shoes, fishing rods & kit, bats, small surfboards etc, there is a second box to the rear of the deck, help your selves to using any of the content . If you break any of it or lose it don’t worry, don’t replace it, it is all old stuff! Please don’t touch the outboard or boat under the deck! There is however a blow up dingy you are welcome to use.

Cleaning kit.

There is a Hoover in the cupboard in the main bedroom and there should be plenty of cleaning material in the cupboard to the right of the cooker. We will supply this. If you find you are short of something, you will find some more with the spare loo rolls.  


Books leaflets Etc.

You will find plenty of activity leaflets, books, maps etc, please feel free to use them.


The Handover.

As you do, or we do, we normally shop and as per the norm, over shop! if you have some over shop, feel free to leave in the cupboard for the incoming occupants.


Swimming Pool Passes.

We do as the owners and you do get passes in the site caravans but unfortunately we do not offer these. However it is not expensive, the prices are on the site website.

Hair Dryer.

There is a hair dryer available in the main bedroom wardrobe.

Swimming Pool Passes.These are available costs are (2017 Prices):

Off Peak: Daily; Adult £4.50 Child £3.50, Weekly; Adult £20 Child £15

Peak: Daily; Adult £6.50 Child £4.50, Weekly; Adult £25 Child £20

For the toddlers.

There is a travel cot and a push chair in the storage box at the rear of the van next to the shed. (the push chair is not the one show but a more lightweight version).

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